A little brunette born in Mexico with a chanting accent from the south of France.

She grew up under the sun.

A funky jurist (yes it exists!) who loves as much rigor as humor!

DIY, photo, design blogs,… Salsa, jazz, bachata: and voilà!

Big Haribo fan, because “Kids and grown-ups love it so”!

Her favorite network: Instagram
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Tall Blond “from the Netherlands” who took a (strange) French-Catalan accent.

He grew up under the rain & in the clouds even though he loves to wear his not very glam flip flops (this is not a cliché)!

On the lookout for any digital innovation and field hockey champion,
he has much humor in everyday life (with varying degrees of success!).

Fan of Indonesian meals prepared by his mom (nobody can fight, Eleonore didn’t even try…)

His favorite network: Twitter
(This guy is really serious!)



Together Before


During several years, we were well-rooted in our happy Parisian life of “Working People”. However, we had a strong feeling of nonfulfillment, and we wanted to do something completely different! We have met each other on the work floor at the beginning of 2012, and we quickly knew that we were meant to be and to work together.

Both inspired by the culture of wine since a long time, each from a different angle, (we will honor all those who gave us this passion in an upcoming blog post – Stay focus) we have found each other pretty well.

Together Now


The two of us decided to create a blog/web serie through which you can follow our 6-month vino-journey around the globe. We want to make all available information on wine more accessible for everyone and to teach you how to share and speak about a wine bottle, with friends and family, without being obliged to watch a 15-minute video explaining the straw yellow color.

All those people out there (you, your family, your relatives) have the right to choose a good wine without picking a bottle only because of its nice looking label.

Together is Everything


During his MBA in digital marketing, Boy defended his postgraduate thesis on the influence of E-business in the wine world. Eleonore largely contributed to its realization and idea-forming.

Eleonore loves beautiful pictures, writing articles…
Boy loves the whole environment in and around the internet

Very complementary, they also like filming, traveling and above all
«being serious without taking themselves seriously»