Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, it is all you 2016.

Jan 1, 2017

HARDER, because you have not been easy every day.

You hit the world with pain and incomprehension once again. You allowed to remotely guided people to spread hate and frustration upon us. You kidnapped a little more territories where we may never be able to go again. You took away the smile of many families and asked so many questions to others. You have not stopped any form of extremism or any traumatism. Therefore inevitably, we are angry at you!

On a personal level, you have put us to the test, you allowed us to make important choices, and you made us so much doubt! You have created a rocky path, you gave us sprains and frights but …

BETTER, because you have taught us to focus on the best.

From these doubts were born two more serene beings! We have learned and are still learning to keep only the best things in our lives. We remain convinced that this is the philosophy to adopt. Be careful, it’s not easy but believe us, it’s worth it. Of course, some difficulties must be faced, but we are talking about all the little things in everyday life. We finally force ourselves to live with them. They disturb us, control our minds, make us angry, or sadden us. One advice: leave them aside. Do not impose yourself anything that disturbs you … and live! We often think that they are anchored in our rhythm and that we can’t stop them. However, this is not true at all! The world is made up of a lot of beautiful people so give them your time and enjoy these precious moments together. Everything else, get rid of it! Thanks to you 2016 we decided to advance in our life.

FASTER, because of your 365 days that went at a crazy speed.

You have reminded us again that we must take advantage of all that life can give. Happiness is now, neither yesterday nor tomorrow.
We celebrated your arrival in the Netherlands and then waved you bye-bye in Australia. In between, we lived many great events (sometimes life-changing). We have lived you to the fullest in your unrestrained rhythm, and you have intensely marked us.

STRONGER because you have strengthened us.

Doubting makes us stronger and together we are always stronger! So thank you to those enclosed in our hearts, to our wonderful family to our faithful friends who perfectly knew how to support and understand us. Thanks also to you all for being more and more every day (and this is only the beginning). Wines and Love is our project, but without you, it would not have the same flavor at all.

« Et puis il y a ceux que l’on croise, que l’on connaît à peine, qui vous disent un mot, une phrase, vous accordent une minute-une demi-heure et changent le cours de votre vie » (Victor Hugo).

Eleonore and Boy working session in garden

All pictures count for us because they are capturing precious moments in life: from the most failed selfies to the real professional photos. We have made our TOP 5 of our “couple pics” of the year, which describes it perfectly.

February 2016 – Les Angles – France

Eleonore and Boy in the snow

The BUZZ & COLD photo of the year.

This picture made the BUZZ on our social networks as well as in our lives. It was a superb and a sunny day in the mountains (and it was also the birthday of Eléonore), and we had won an amazing photo contest… Everything was fine! In fact, we won so much more than only our superb photos. We met a great guy: Olivier Bolte – Photographer – The Light Box Photography. It matched immediately between us! The session should have last only an hour, although we spent the entire morning together. Ever since we are keeping in touch regularly! He is the good friend that we all want to have, the wonder colleague that we would be delighted to find in the morning, the photo king who we want to necessarily stand by us for all the great moments in life… We can only thank 2016 for having put Olivier on our path! We missioned him to create our promotional photos as well as the presentation film for Wines and Love. He created exactly what we wanted! He can listen, laugh, and be “serious without taking himself seriously,” just as we try to be ourselves, it could only stick.

Why is Eléonore crazy about this photo? : Just because, for her, it is the poster of the film that she always wanted to create 😉

Why Boy loves the photo (even if he doesn’t assume it because of the jokes of his hockey team!): It is still fun to take a flood of snow in your face 😉

March 2016 – Paris – France

Eleonore and Boy - Civil Union 2016

The LOVE & FUN photo of the year.

We celebrated our contract of civil union (PACS) in the summer of 2015, so before actually signing it! (Yes it’s weird, but it looks like us!)

We wanted it to be done at “our place”! Our first apartment together in Paris where we lived for almost three years and which we loved so much. On March 18th, we went to the town hall of the 7th arrondissement in Paris and immortalized this moment in the gardens of “Les Invalides”. This day, even if we didn’t know it at that moment, finally marked the end of our Parisian life. We look at this picture with lots of nice memories in mind.

Why Eléonore loves it? Because our smiles are worth all the gold in the world!
Why is Boy fan of it? Because he has the impression that he knows how to dance …

PS: a big thank you to Dear You Prod who was with us and who understood how to film our lovely place as well as this beautiful day whose memories we really wanted to capture! If you are wise, we will show you the results 😉

June 2016 – Paris – France

Eleonore and Boy moving from Paris

The photo LIVE & GO (or RENT & DROP if you prefer 😉 ) of the year.

It is never easy to leave the place where you lived for almost three years and which had become your home. Moreover, our first apartment together… After an ultra effective move (thanks to our two wonder dads, that of Boy who helped us in Paris and that of Eléonore for the big unpacking in the south of France!), we were very emotional when closing the door and driving away in our “Rent and Drop Truck”. Thank you also to all those people who welcomed the nomads that we are since June! Thank you for this support, for the moments we shared … You are awesome!

Why do we both love him? : Because it’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of another!

September 2016 – Calce – France

Eleonore and Boy in Calce in 2016

The NATURE & NEW photo of the year.

As mentioned before, this photos is the work of Olivier – The Light Box Photography. THE first picture of our new life and our first baby “Wines and Love”. We are in the middle of the vineyards of Calce where Boy learned so much alongside the Gauby Family.

Why do we both love him? : Because it is the incarnation of our new life and all the beautiful moments that it still reserves.

December 2016 – Sydney – Australia

Eleonore and Boy in Sydney

The TRAVEL & DREAM photo of the year.

Because the picture closes our year 2016 and Australia is our first stop in the “Wines and Love Tour”. We end the year in the sun, and we hope that it will only bear beautiful things for the next.

Why does Eleonore think it’s great? Love the hugs of my boyfriend 😉

Why does Boy believe it’s top? Awesome to have my girlfriend in my arms 😉

What do you think of starting 2017 with this picture? Follow us … we speak winese!

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To all of you, family, friends, and “Wines and Love Followers,” this is what you wish for every day of 2017, do something that makes you happy … until it becomes a habit.

A wonderful year 2017 from Eléonore & Boy – Wines and Love

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