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October 29 2016

A boy, a girl, a globe, an SLR, a camera, two backpacks, many vineyards, much love…
We promise you that this not a teaser for an upcoming reality show, but just the launch of our project Wines & Love, THE new blog to follow!

During several years, we were well-rooted in our happy Parisian life of “Working People”. However, we had a strong feeling of nonfulfillment, and we wanted to do something completely different! We have met each other on the work floor at the beginning of 2012, and we quickly knew that we were meant to be and to work together.

From an innovative perspective, Eleonore and Boy finally decided to make their dream come true and to create their first business together. Our objective is to make all available information about wine more accessible, to reveal the diversity of wine culture throughout the world and last but not least to show that we can discuss in a relaxed and uncomplexed way about wine.

“Serious without taking ourselves seriously” with this expression in mind, we travel around the globe and visit unknown lands. We tell our travel stories and vino-experiences through our regularly updated blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. We are here to learn you more about how to wine travel around and to show you how to choose your wine quickly and without any blah blah blah.

Both inspired by the culture of wine since a long time, each from a different angle, (we will honor all those who gave us this passion in an upcoming blog post – Stay focus) we have found each other pretty well.

The two of us decided to create a blog/web serie through which you can follow our 6-month vino-journey around the globe. We want to make all available information on wine more accessible for everyone and to teach you how to share and speak about a wine bottle, with friends and family, without being obliged to watch a 15-minute video explaining the straw yellow color.

All those people out there (you, your family, your relatives) have the right to choose a good wine without picking a bottle only because of its nice looking label.

Now you know the essence of our project, we look forward seeing you join us on our journey and share our posts with your family and relatives to grow the Wines and Love community.

As with love and wine, we want to create a little mystery (especially in the beginning! We can see you coming with all your questions to know everything about us and the journey! Relax and calm down. We have enough time to wine-love together.) so be patient! In the next article, we will tell you more about the duo Eleonore & Boy, the founders of Wine & Love. An article full of colors as we are used to write!

Just one last thing: Thanks for being for here, reader and follower of the first hour! We will do everything to make you, even more, happier, and you can count us to let you “Cheer” in your daily life.

The Happiness Team,

Did you find a little bit of happiness that you needed inside this blog post?

That’s exactly what we love at Wines and Love! Tell us how and why ? and « let’s toast glasses together »


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